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This time of year, I start to collect items I may otherwise put in the recycle bin—netted vegetable bags, scraps of wrapping paper, sales paper plastic bags, paper towel rolls. These unusual pieces become my arsenal of gift wrapping materials used to create packages that I’m always excited to give.

Getting started
Ideally, gather 4-6 different wrapping papers so you can mix up the patterns. Collect odd items to accent your packages. Experiment! Don’t clean up until you are completely finished. Remember, the impressive details are in the scraps!


What about a faux bow?
Consider using netted onion sacks or plastic bags instead of a traditional bow. Either cut in half or fold, then gather and fashion like a flower. Or, cut toilet paper rolls into ¾” strips, creating leaf shapes that you can tape together to become a sculptural topper.



Box bigger than the paper?
A great opportunity to use collected scraps of paper. Mix and match, or not! Get creative and layer different patterns on a single package. Use plastic or vegetable bag strips for added texture.



No box?
No worries. Paper towel rolls and cups become wonderful containers for smaller or odd-shaped items. Bubble wrap on the outside of a gift creates a flexible, yet sturdy wrapping.

Think outside the box, use everyday objects in unique ways to enhance your gift wrapping—and have fun!


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