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Think you know your file types?

You see and use digital design acronyms every day, but did you ever stop to think just what they stand for? Take our quiz to see how many you know. Some of the answers might even surprise you!

10 Tips to Deliver a More Effective Presentation

You’re standing in front of the mirror and the practice run-through is sounding great. Smiling? Check. Enunciating? Check. Eye contact? Like lasers. But stepping out in front of a crowd is going to be the real challenge. Here are a few checkpoints to make sure you’ll earn that standing ovation.

Wrap It Up With Everyday Objects

This time of year, I start to collect items I may otherwise put in the recycle bin—netted vegetable bags, scraps of wrapping paper, sales paper plastic bags, paper towel rolls. These unusual pieces become my arsenal of gift wrapping materials used to create packages that I’m always excited to give.

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